photo by Angelia Fick

CX, Take 1

Let it be known, peer-pressuring off-roaders, that I have officially completed a CX race. See full recap below.

Scene 1: Lil Feebs warms up on course.

As I roll out on the course, I’m all, “Woohoo! So fun!” and reminiscent of my XC running days. Then I approach a banked section and am all, “Wait wha—ARE WE HALFPIPING HERE?”

The turns are sharp, and on downhills going into uphills. Panic ensues, I jam my brakes, and I slide out. Whoa buddy. This race should be interesting.

Scene 2: Lining Up

I line up with the 35+ women, under 19’s, and 3/4 women. The officials send us out in waves, and I stay with my group.

Suddenly Angie Fick yells, “PHOEBE THIS IS YOUR RACE!”

Oops. Not my group. I realize that I’ve gotten all confused by the pre-pubescent boys lining up, and rush up to the start line. Race not missed. Success.

Scene 3: Race Time

Race was a blur. My running thoughts as I rode through caution tape, got foot caught in caution tape, and rode/tromped through the grass/mud/gravel:

  • “I think I might be going into cardiac arrest, I wish Kristie Nichols James were here in case I go into medical distress”
  • “Sam Fox had me road bike through Forbidden Drive at dusk, this is no biggie”
  • “Darn you, Paul’s Woodshop and your uphill barriers”


Pulled with one lap to go. 10/16. This was probably one of the most terrifying, mentally challenging races I’ve done, but…

LET’S DO IT AGAIN. I’ve got some unfinished business to take care of and anyway, it was super fun (but actually)!


Thank you:

Sophia Lee, for being so supportive/excited for me, and for organizing a summer CX clinic and the making/loaning of the loaner bike.


Arley Kemmerer, for donating the frame/fork of the loaner bike.


Angie Fick, for showing up despite having a wedding to attend, and cheering me on.


Molly Fick-Beers, for her “why does Phoebe no race CX” puppy eyes and well, for being Molly Fick-Beers.



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