The Barrier to Entry to any sort of bike racing has become higher because of this strange perception that you need an expensive bike to do so. For cyclocross, it is understandably a little trickier because you need a different kind of bike that can fit knobby tires that become muddy. Fortunately for me, I was able to borrow the Pink Bike for 1.5 seasons from Tati Cycles in Chicago. I went from cat 4 to cat 3 on this bicycle before deciding to buy my own. Having had this incredible generosity shown to me, I decided I really wanted to pay it forward by assembling a Loaner and helping other women enter the sport easily as I did.

When Arley Kemmerer taught the Women’s CX Clinic back in August, and I explained to her my desire to build a loaner bike. She replied that she had a frame sitting in her basement that we could have for this cause. We are still overwhelmed by her generosity!

The Redline Frame!

I went to the Bicycle Swap meet to see if I could find some parts. I experimentally bought a few for our Frankenbike.

Jules Benson of QCW donated a bag o’ parts! Thanks Jules!

Tati Cycles sent a box o’ parts from Chicago containing a front wheel from Nick Kohout and a gruppo from Stefano Tomasello!

Kyle Orskog of QCW donates brakes!

Kacy Wander on QCW Women’s team helps drop off the bike at Breakaway; Montana of Breakaway Bikes does a splendid job of building the bike; it is funded by QCW Women’s Team! Thanks Team!

Anjali races our Frankenbike at Crossasaurus Awesome in her 2nd CX race ever and has a BLAST.

Thank you everyone involved in building this bike!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ – Sophia


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