Granogue Cyclocross race is the stuff of legends: Belgium-style peanut butter mud, steep never-ending climbs, off-cambers to scare your socks off, UCI-level races, a beautiful private estate! The list goes on.

3 years ago, this race went on hold, to my complete dismay. I understand though: it’s exhausting putting on these events, and certainly making it UCI level makes it that much more complex and difficult. I was ecstatic when the rumors earlier this summer came true though, and GRANOGUE CAME BACK.

Course Preview: Holy Cow. The course begins with a punishing climb up the famous tower-topped hill, circling around to a series of off-camber downhill corners that are hair-raising. After a brief flat break, there is a seriously steep power-climb, a bridge drop-down, more corners and some super thick mud areas before circling back around to the start. OMG. At this point, I was going to be OK with a DFL, and if I placed mid-pack I would be pretty happy. The course did not disappoint its legends!

We lined up, and I was in front. Whistle – and I found myself winning the hole-shot. And I stayed in front up the hill! And after the hill! And Sam Orskog was right behind! Hannah Todd finally did pass me, and Sam sadly had a crash in the cornery, woodsy muddy area, but Melissa T fought her way up to 3rd, and we both podium’d!

I think the best part was the podium photo because, KITS. Best. Kits. Ever.

Thank you so much to the organizers for reviving this race. It was amazing!


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