I began as a road racer, but I gotta say that my heart has been with cyclocross ever since I tried my first race back in 2008. There has been an incredible energy in the growth of this sport, but even so I thought: wouldn’t it be cool have a clinic for women taught by women? Whilst pursuing this idea, I got connected to Arley Kemmerer, a pro CX racer who recently got 34th at the 2014 UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships Hoogerheide, Netherlands (WAOW) who had the same idea. She brought on Nikki Thiemann who finished 21st at the 2014 2014 USA Cycling CX Nationals, and behold, a CX clinic was born!

Together, Arley and Nikki took us through the following:

  • Dismounts
  • Remounts
  • How to carry a bike –> leading fluidly into how to shoulder a bike when Arley was showing the downtube lift
  • Barriers! Arley & Nikki watching + commenting in real time
  • Cornering (outside / inside / outside, when to brake, etc): split into 2 groups: advanced + beginner.
  • Starts & tiny little practice course with 2 corners, 1 set of double barriers

There was much smiling, much laughter, and a 9 year old CX ninja about to be born. There was also some awesome Skratch hydration available during the clinic brought by Arley. Thank you so much to Arley Kemmerer and Nikki Thiemann for teaching this free clinic! Everyone had a blast, learned lots, and got SUPEREXCITE about CX FALL 2014 !!!

[Photo Credits: there are a few from my phone camera, such as the Skratch drinks, but mostly these are from Bill White. Thank you so much for your awesome photos!]


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