A few months ago I had gotten speaking with Michelle Lee from the Bicycle Therapy Team about getting more women into cycling.  From there we decided to create a Philadelphia Women’s Ride series that would last 6 weeks culminating in taking part of the Rapha Women’s 100k challenge.  The aim was to get newer female cyclists out there improving and becoming more confident on bikes, with a sneaky goal of maybe getting some of the women interested in racing bikes

Anyways, from the get go we had a great turnout, with a lot of new riders with varying abilities and goals.  With a lot of help from the ladies in local racing community we set up 6 great rides that really help each rider who participated to improve in both skill an confidence.  The final ride was yesterday July 20th and we had an incredible 38 women turn-up to ride 100k with a pastry stop midway at Tabora Farms (worth a visit if you have never been).  For most the women this was their longest ride ever and they handled the challenge like rockstars!

Big Thanks to Sophia for being our super patient super sweep, and  Michaela, Sam O, Emily C, and Lauren B.  for coming out helping and supporting the series.  It was a great feeling seeing an idea come together in such a wonderful way, and it certainly didn’t hurt having the super awesome Michelle being an incredible coordinator.



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