Terri First Race Prize Money


Terri Young(My wife) 3rd W45+

Ted Slack 4th M55+ (one place out of the bacon)



Kacy told me about this race when after we discussed the lack of any 40K TTs in PA this year, and found this one in Smithfield, VA home of ham/bacon and in the general area of where Terri grew up if you consider Newport News the same general Tidewater, VA area.  The prize list actually consisted of cash for some categories and bacon for others, yes it’s true!

I have been trying to talk Terri into bike racing for over 10 years, and she signed up for the NJ State Tri this year and has been practicing on her bike to prepare for the event next Saturday.  Since we were already in the area visiting her family we decided why not register for this so she can get some good practice in her aero bars and pacing.

Montana at the shop did a great job getting Terri set up last weekend with a great fit, and this was only the 3rd time she used aero bars and actually finished  40K in them, which is no small feat!  The course was super hot(90+), humid, and very windy (25+MPH winds).  I wasn’t sure if she would even finish since her bike stage of next week’s Tri is only 12 miles, but did a respectable 20MPH average to finish in 1:15.

It’s impressive that she made the podium and wins $15 in her first race ever, which is a very difficult 40K distance!  I was under great pressure to “bring home the bacon” from my prize list in my category, but finished 9 seconds off the podium.

Maybe next year we get a crew down there for a VA Beach trip and do this while in the area, they have a pretty good cycling scene and very active Tri scene for those of you into Multi-Sport events.


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