qcw cycling women

Last Tuesday night, QCW Breakaway was out in force at the Pro Am Track Series in TTown. Monica Volk and I both placed in the omnium for the night – 3rd and 5th respectively. Arriving, late that afternoon I was nervous about once again taking on the endurance women in their best events but excited because I’d already had so much fun in the month of June competing against these top class women.

The first Pro Women’s race was an 18 lap Points with sprints every 3 laps. First place in each sprint receives 5 points while places 2nd – 4th receive 3,2 and 1 points. Monica was consistently in the points while I managed to accumulate a not too shabby six by the end of the race. I finished off the back in an exhausted heap but, by then, I’d done enough to secure fourth and Monica finished strong for third.

After a little rest, we were back on the track for an elimination where the last rider across the line is eliminated after each lap. The key to this type of race is to stay towards the front to allow others to fight for places behind you. This way you save energy for when you need it later on. Coming down from the wall at the beginning of the race, this was my game plan but it only lasted the first few laps. Soon enough I was at the back and playing the game of ‘the devil’. Often in an elimination, someone with a fast turn of speed can pick off riders one by one by coming around them at the last minute. On Tuesday night, that was me. It’s a risky game to play but I had quite a lot of success. I would hide just to the left of a cyclist so they couldn’t see me when looking to their right. I would then come at them in the final straight with a sudden burst of speed, hoping to catch them off guard.

I made it to the final three riders before deciding that playing the devil was far too exhausting and I had no more sprints in me. Monica was there with me and between her and the rider, they had been driving up the pace to weed out that little devil behind them.

The six lap scratch race at the end of the night, would have at first been the race I would’ve expected myself to do well in. It’s the same length as a kierin right? Unfortunately, by this time my legs were done. Both the elimination and the points race had taken it out of me and I was all but out of the race with two laps to go. I crossed in sixth place but was happy to see Monica up ahead of me battling it out for the top placings. She finished third and secured her top three omnium result. Both Monica and I left on Tuesday night happy with our results and prize money in our hands. It was a great night, made better by her family’s hospitality for the week.

Now not only have I raced at TTown but I have ridden around the Lehigh valley and seen all its beauty. I love the rolling green hillls, the dutch heritage and the country lifestyle. It’s off to Canada now, but can’t wait to be back for more TTown racing soon.


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