QCW was well representated at Saturday’s Brownstown race. Racers included Lauren Buechner, Samantha Fox, Modesta Paris, Carren Stika, Lindsay Toman, Phoebe Wang and me. Darco advised on a strategy for Carren and I to break away and to make sure we had a category 4 rider in our break. On the first lap Lindsay and Lauren executed a roll-off-the-front maneuver at mile three that Carren and I were to bridge but it didn’t stick and the pack caught up. Carren was riding between Sam and me and said, Ok plan B. Let’s go on a hill. I attacked at the start/finish hill and that one worked. We also had Sam. Erica from Bike Therapy bridged and the four of us worked together. We didn’t have a moto official to confirm our gap time but we knew it was sizeable enough, that we had excellent blockers in the peloton, and that if we kept working we’d have three QCW racers in top positions. All worked according to plan and I got 1st, Carren 2nd, Sam 4th, and then Modesta 5th, Lindsay 6th, Lauren 8th and Phoebe 10th.

Carren got the upgrade points she needed so no more 3 races for this newly-minted 2. Congratulations!

What worked: Plan A often doesn’t work out and we adapted quickly to get plan B in motion (even though it didn’t work, everyone still tried so kudos for the attempt and thanks to Darco for the advice). Before the race Carren and I expressed to each other that we really wanted to get some points for the 4 ladies so we’re happy the break worked like we had hoped.


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