qcw cycling women

This past weekend was a great opportunity for Phoebe, Eden, and I to learn each other’s strengths and capitalize on them together. We raced the Cylodrome Criterium on Saturday where Eden’s husband, Tim was our most enthusiastic fan/coach/mechanic. He helped us analyze our performance together so we could strategize for the Emrick Boulevard Criterium.  The race was combined women’s open and cat 4. Monica and Carren raced in the open category and although were in the same “race”, definitely had a different, more competitive game to play, so I’ll leave it up to them to share their experience.

As for us cat 4s, the combined field allowed us to really amp up the intensity. I think and react best in these types of situations, and for me, I finally learned patience by racing with the more experienced riders toward the front of the pack. Several attempts were made to break away from the pack during the 20 laps, but there was great communication and everyone was diligent about bridging gaps.

In the second half of the race, two racers in the open field were able to finally break. Because we were not being ranked against them, it was not worth the energy to push for the fight to catch them, although as a whole, I believe the pack would have been strong enough to do it. Both Eden and I found strong wheels to follow from the open field and for me, Eden was a great wheel too! I was proud to have let the stronger, more experienced riders do more of the work, and wait to start the final sprint instead of going out too early because my lack of patience has kept me in front and sprinting too early too often in the past.

From my observations, I could tell that Carren and Monica worked great together, and I would really like to improve skills such as communication, strategy, and the ability to react to a change of plan mid race among those of us who are less experienced.

Overall, we did really quite amazingly as a team with Monica in 4th and Carren in 6th for the Women’s Open, and me in 2nd, Eden in 3rd, and Phoebe in 6th for Women’s Cat 4.


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