race avenue

Short version:

Me 1st and Kristie 2nd !

Long version:

Kristie and I discussed strategy before lining up at the start line. Our field was combined with the 65+ men and we figured one of them would attack early on. Our plan was to get on that wheel right away so we could stick a break. Kristie at the start line aloud: My legs are still swollen from the flight and I was sick the entire last day in China. Me in my head: uh-oh, she won races with bronchitis so she thrives under adverse conditions. If she feels lousy that means she’ll ride even harder. It was either the beginning of the 2nd or 3rd lap when Bill, one of the ERA guys, drilled it down. Kristie and I were both on him right away and accelerated hard at the descent. With the three of us working together and Bill’s teammate, Scott Haverstick, with the pack, we quickly gained distance on the rest of the field. As strong as Kristie was for feeling lousy, I didn’t want her pulling on the stretch with the climb and headwind so Bill and I alternated pulling there while Kristie pulled on the descending stretch. We ended up lapping the field twice but didn’t once let up. We were completely synchronized for the entire 45 minutes but didn’t talk more than once or twice. That was a cool experience.


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