leopards team

From Travis:

As far as a brief ITT race report from the women’s side:  I was super excited about finally meeting so many of the folks on the team, and it was a surprisingly jovial get together for being 7am! Maybe a bit too jovial, since it seemed that many of us mistimed or cut our warmups too short (ooops) – something to plan better for next time.

On this windy course where the wind always seemed to be in your face on the way out or blowing from the side on the way back, those with a better aero position and a higher absolute wattage would fare best. The winner in the women’s 123 put in a scorching sub-19 minute time. Kacy put out a soul crushing effort to take 5th, and Amelia rocking her TT skills to take 7th. Feeling the toll of a lot of recent racing, I vastly undershot my target wattage but still managed to vomit from the effort (What?!) to take 8th. Maureen and Carren were not far behind, for 9th and 10th places, and Sophia in 13th. Kristie wisely saved her legs for the big race the following day, treating her ITT as a leg opener effort and still taking PA BAR points.


From Sophia:

With my start time being right before Kristie, I had to keep an eye on her in case her inner Jens Voigt got the better of her and she went too hard before her debut in the Parx Casino Philly Cycling Classic. “Kristie, I swear, don’t you dare pass me!” (She didn’t)

Cat 4 Women report: Congrats to Sandy Sierakowski who got 1ST PLACE in the women’s cat 4 with a blistering sub 20 min time, Samantha Fox who got 2nd place, Sam Orskog in 7th, Phoebe right behind in 8th, Modesta Paris in top 10 !!!, and Lauren Buechner who DOUBLED for 13th in W4 and 4th in W-masters 35+.


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