On Sunday, I volunteered to be the team mechanic for Zimmer Capital pb Foundation which entailed driving around in the caravan with Todd Scheske, former Directeur Sportif of MVP Healthcare Cycling. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, as this was the first time I’ve ever tried this job, but I made sure to go through some openers to prepare, ie, practicing wheel changes the week before for twinkle-finger action.

02 Caravan

The caravan!

03 Chalk for Kristie

04 Kristie staging

Kristie Staging!

The QCW Women’s team was super excited because our very own newly minted cat 2 racer Kristie Nichols was guest racing for Mellow Mushroom! We chalked her some encouragement on Lemon Hill.

05 Kristie in the field

It was super cool to see Kristie mixing things up with the pros and local domestic elite racers – but of course, I didn’t get to see this. For the most part, I chatted with Todd about his amazing experiences setting up a domestic elite team – both men’s and women’s, crazy track-racing stories, how fly Joe Wentzell looks; or I was hanging on to the sides of the car for dear life as Todd whipped out his secret race car driving life skills down the super tight corners on the flip side of the Manayunk Wall. I did get to pretend mechanic at one point when we heard there was a crash, but not which racers: grabbing 3 wheels (10 speed, 11 speed, front) I ran with all the other mechanics (possibly yelling a war cry? in my head), but it ended up being some other racers.

Zimmer Capital only had one flat at the very end, and some super strong finishes. Thank you Beth for giving me the opportunity to have this experience, and thanks Todd for being a fount of great stories and info!

06 Georgie

In other news, our friend Georgina Beech made a stunning debut in the Philly Cycling Classic guest racing for SAS Mazda-Macogep pb Specialized. Great job Georgie!

08 foreign pro astana

Astana BePink!

There were foreign pros from Italy!

07 foreign pro

China Chongming-Giant-ChampSys Pro Cycling

And foreign pros from China! WAOW

09 DE Zimmer Capital

All the fast domestic elite women!

10 DE Fearless Femmes

Fearless Femmes!

11 Colavita

Colavita Fine Cooking!

12 Todd and Beth

Todd and Beth!

13 Mens Race

Afterwards I headed over to watch the men’s race on Lemon Hill and gawked at how fast they rode up.

14 Nutella

Breakaway Bikes put on an amazing party on Lemon Hill with JL Velo. They knew that cyclists would not not a jar, not a tub, but a BUCKET of nutella. Yes yes.

15 Alex Public Workshop

Alex was super stoked to receive BBQ chicken sandwich hand up driving up the Wall in the caravan!

16 Ben

I also ran into some UVa frens – WAHOOWA!

17 mullet

Bill Ash might have had his mullet braided…

It was an amazing day! Thank you to all the people involved in setting up the Lemon Hill Party – we cheered on the pros in style! 😀


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