Photo by Anthony George

I raced at Soyoco with Kristie, Mo, Lauren, and Phoebe. The race was a lot of fun: good course and good people, as usual. I forget how many people were in the women’s race, but I raced cat 4s and it was a combined 1/2/3/4 and 35plus field, 7 laps, 17.5mi. I think I did well over all, probably led the pack/was at the front too often, but I felt strong the entire time. It probably comes from a lack of experience, but I was not ready for the sprint on the final lap. I was in too high of a gear to sprint and when they took off, I switched to too low of a gear. This was a bummer because the sprint was a climb, and I had been doing really well on it on for each of the previous laps, so hopefully i’ll get ’em next time! I placed 2nd for cat 4’s, but 7 women finished in front of me in the entire field. Anyway, I thought I should share my challenges with you so we can try to figure out things that I should work on. Let me know if you have any suggestions.


W4 – Sam Fox: 2nd, Lauren Buechner: 5th, Phoebe Wang: 6th

W123: Kristie Nichols James: 1st, Maureen Gribb 3rd


Photo by Anthony George


Photo by Anthony George


Photo by Anthony George


Lauren Beuchner – Photo by Anthony George



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