Photo of Melissa Tabas by Robert Lai

After racing at the track a whopping 2 times last year I decided I wanted to make the commitment to be a Trackie.  Something about it I really like. So when I couldn’t go to the first day of Masters and Rookies at T-Town on Saturday I jumped on the idea of racing at Kissena.   It ended up being a really long day but great getting out there. I can’t say I won, but hopefully soon!

Scratch Race – 3rd Place – Pace started pretty slow, ramping it up with a few attacked.  Decided to make a go for it with 4 to go.  Easily powered away from the field, but did have quite enough to keep  the away for the W, held on for a strong 3rd

Points Race – All of this track stuff still totally confuses me but 9 lap points race, sprint every 3.  Wanted to get points on all of them.  3/4 in 1st sprint, 1st in second sprint, and I think 2/3 in 3rd sprint. My points were good enough for 2nd so I was ok with that

500TT – First time doing a standing start ever.  And after short lesson from Maddie in the parking lot (THANKS) , I felt like I could kinda do this.  We started the effort in the middle of the turn and I kinda wobbled my way through a crummy standing start.  Eventually got going alright but didn’t place in the TT.  The effort as a whole was ok, but I can tell that that length effort its definitely a bit short for me.

Win and Out – So someone had told me that this was going to be a miss and out, not a win and out so I was totally confused when we started.  But hey that what being new to the track is like.  Tried to go off the front to win but doing the work and going off the front, dosen’t really leave you with a great sprint.  But kept going for it and ended up with 4th place.

Team Sprints – Once again Standing Sprints and starting to feel the long day.  Not a good effort from me and no omnium points.

Final Standing – 7th –  Kinda bums me out because the Team Sprints and 500TT really hurt my ominum placing

Takeaways –  I still like this track stuff a lot.  Pretty sure I am the strong in my field just need to learn how to be a bit more tactical with my racing.  Also must work on standing starts, those are tough!  Still learning but can’t wait to race more.


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