Turkey Hill Country Classic 2014

My first race since Iron Hill 2012 [7th/9 ] and it was a motivating experience.  Things that motivated me: Turkey Hill ice cream at finish, women’s Category 3/4 field, road race category of 30 miles.

My results: I got dropped and finished last, 15th/18 but I beat the rain.

My strategy: wasn’t much of anything but just to finish and get a feel of racing again.  We had 5 laps and the fourth lap included a detour up a Gambler Hill.  It was a short, steep climb with big downhill and about 4/5 miles until the finish.  I fell off the group with two laps to go and the last lap I was all by myself.  At that point I was going to continue to get some good training in.  Lancaster is beautiful for riding and the whole course was closed roads.     

What to improve on: base fitness, simply work harder

Since this criterium was not technical and my teammates at dinner persuaded me to race it for team points, I suited up. 

My results: 9th/12 I got dropped but caught back on.

My strategy: again wasn’t anything but to finish and get a feel for crit racing again.  We had 50 minutes of pedaling around an oval course with a few obstacles of cross wind and a minor upgrade hill on corner one and the finish was a slight uphill.  So my mind was busy during the first half, thinking of things I could do for better positioning, conserving energy, being ready for attacks, should I attack.   At the halfway point, I missed out on an attack and dropped off for several laps.  I was 400m and then suddenly I noticed I was only 200m from the group.  I really didn’t think I would catch anyone on this course, especially a 1/2/3 race.  But I got in a TT position and caught up to the group with 3.5 laps to go.  I was so proud to catch them.  Then I just hung on the back to the finish line.  I had thoughts again to attack or had scenarios of our 4 QCW riders working the last lap to finish strong together.  But I never talked to teammates about strategies beforehand so I knew these thoughts in my head wouldn’t be carried out too well. 

Things to improve: have confidence to do the strategies in my head.  Talk to teammates beforehand for team tactics.  I’m going to say it again; I wasn’t breathless at the end so I simply need to work harder.


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