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From Kristie – Road Race:  46 miles. The women’s race had all categories from 1 – 4 together and they separated the categories for the results.  There were about
20 cat 4 riders, 11 cat 3 and 10 cat 1/2, so the field was pretty big for a women’s race.   Because of all the cat 4’s Melissa and I knew it would be important to stay at the front of the field.  The race started off at a medium pace and slowly riders were dropped. There were a few different breaks but nothing stuck.  At the 2nd lap there was a crash which split the field in half.  They took 2 girls to the hospital but they were ok and nothing serious. We were told on the 3rd lap that they might have to neutralize us because of the ambulance but never had to. Things picked up toward the end of the last lap and I think some more riders were dropped.   Coming into the up hill sprint finish I made sure I was the closest to the yellow line so that when the road opened up I could move over.  I got passed by 3 cat 1/2, so 4th overall and 1st place cat 3.

From Kristie – TT:  8 miles,  first half down hill and second half up hill.  No aero gear allowed for the women 3s or 4s.   Felt absolutely horrible for this.  Couldn’t put out any power, didn’t warm up enough and didn’t have enough confidence to go down the hill as fast as I could have. I got 6th and Melissa got 7th.  I lost by over a minute to the girl who won.

From Meurig – Crit: Getting my wits somewhat about me I set about checking the numbers as the group cam past:  there were a total of 3 Cat 3’s in the lead group of 10, the GC leader had been shed, and the other 2 girls (211 & 210) were sitting in 2nd and 3rd on GC with 8 and 20 seconds on Kristie.

…Kristie just needed to hang on to take 3rd on GC
Jeff an I took position a little down the hill by the Bikerack mafia (211’s team) who were shouting “watch 209!” etc…
As the laps counted down the cat 1  girls kept drilling it on the hills and tearing it up for the Primes and the cracks began to show as 210 and 211 struggled to hang on, it was only a matter of time before the elastic snapped.
With 2 to go the elastic snapped and the group shattered with 210 & 211 well and truly gapped, at the top of the climb Kristie was in no (wo)man’s land between the leaders and the rest of the breakaway, but managed to catch back on.
1 to go, Kristie had 10 seconds on 201 and 211 (she was up to 2nd on GC and had the stage).  Much consternation with the BikeRack guys: “what’s the gap?”  “10 seconds”  “So our girl still has 10 seconds on yours….”.  “Where the hell did 202 (the GC leader) come from?”  “Don’t worry about her, she’s been lapped”….
I set the stopwatch as Kristie crossed the line and counted out the seconds….the chasers had really dropped back, now this was coming down to the wire ….she could have a shot at the GC…
…17, 18, 19, 20! in the bag I factored with the time bonus she got it by 2 seconds.  Totally epic stuff!
kristie meurig
Meurig also won the GC for mens by the way. NO BIG DEAL. THEY’RE JUST A SUPER FAST COUPLE.

2 thoughts on “Tour of Page County W3 – by Kristie Nichols & Meurig James

  1. I have 3 nice shots at Mount Washinton’s submit of you
    If you want it, please ask it and I will email it for you
    The licence is CC by so you can do what you want with it

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