melissa boson marathon

Melissa’s sweet Spoils!


Gretchen! (right)





Ritanne O’Brien was amongst the top 100 finishers, Melissa Tabas ran a sub 3.5 hour marathon, and Gretchen Millspaugh Cooney posted a strong finish and requalified for next year!

From Gretchen:

It was not my fastest marathon. The things that I thought were going to hurt didn’t, but those quads that I thought were stronger than ever were screaming by mile 23. But the overall experience was awesome and emotional. (On more than one occasion, Jack comforted me and told me not to cry – impossible!) Boston and its people are ALL heroes in my eyes. Up there with the most memorable experiences of my life. Thanks for pushing me, Amy Tillman, thanks to all my friends and family for their good wishes, and special thanks to Jack and Gordon Cooney for your love and support, and for making it “my weekend”. I love you all!

(P.S. It was still fast enough to re-qualify, so should I choose to endure that torture again, I can go back!)


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