sophia 03 charles iepson

Photo by Charles Iepson

sophia 01 charles iepson

Photo by Charles Iepson

kristie_01 douglas dibella

Photo by Charles Iepson

kristie 02 charles iepson

Photo by Charles Iepson

sophia 02 douglas dibella

Philly Naval Yard has infamously narrow and numerous corners, and in general if you’re not in the top 20 people of the pack, you will likely get dropped.

I lined up with Kristie Nichols (WHO HAD WON FARMERSVILLE RR THAT MORNING – SSSIKKKKWUTTTTT) for the W123. It was a super stacked field with showings from Peanut Butter & Co / Human Zoom, CAWES, Farm Team, Fearless Femmes – basically ALL THE STRONG WOMEN in the area. (No pressure.)

For about the first 5 of the 28 laps, I mingled in the pack with Kristie: realizing I need to learn how to corner again (such dumb lines …), but otherwise doing a reasonably good job of staying with the field. Unfortunately, then the prime hit, and the pack strung out, leaving me dangling and then eventually dropping me.

At this point, I could have given up and dropped out. I could have let myself get pulled, and I could have moped for the rest of the day mourning my once amazing fitness. But that’s not my style. I was a cat 3 woman in a W123 field for a PA BAR race, meaning points were at stake. At this point, I no longer raced for myself, but for my team and my team standings. I would get my team bar points, giving everything I got!

So every lap when I passed the finish line, I sprinted. I pedaled through every corner (Red Hook Crit trained!), I aero’d out in the head wind, and my one thought was: “DON’T PULL ME!” I was amused that people watching were actually cheering for me. I certainly appreciated it 🙂 For 22 laps I was out in the wind alone until finally the pack passed me and I reintegrated with them.

I not only finished my race but also got PA BAR points for QCW Cycling pb Breakaway Bikes. Nuff said.

Meanwhile, Kristie stayed with the pack and succeeded at a solid mid-pack finish of 18 out of 27 finishers  in a field where most of the women were cat 1’s and 2’s! I smell an upgrade!

In other news:

Farmerville W3/4 RR (pre-reg: 21 riders)
  • Kristie 1st
  • Melissa Hiller 4th
Naval Yard W4 Crit (21 riders)
  • Sam Orskog 8th (field sprint)
  • Phoebe 9th (field sprint)
  • Lauren 13th (field sprint)
  • Melissa Paquette 19th
ECCC Penn State Women’s A RR
  • Monica Volk 1st
  • Travis Rabbitt 7th
ECCC Penn State Women’s D RR
  • Emily Singleton 1st

Boston Marathon 2014 (We have strong runners too!)

  • Ritanne O’Brien finished in top 100!
  • Melissa Tabas has a strong sub 3:30 time!
  • Gretchen Millspaugh Cooney requalified with a strong finish!

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