qcw cycling women

Lauren Buechner & Emily Costello in the field! Photo by Action Wheels Cycling

qcw cycling women

Sam Orskog attacking! Photo by Action Wheels Cycling

Cat 4 Women's Squad !!!

Cat 4 Women’s Squad !!!

With this being only the fourth race I’ve ever done, I was nervous for the Lower Providence Spring Classic due to it’s usually very high attendance. The course was a mile long, mostly flat square on the roads around office buildings. There were four of us in the cat 4 field: Lauren Buechner, Phoebe Wang,  Emily Costello and myself. We met up with our other teammate, Camille Durocher, to do a quick lap and grab a few tips for the course.

Getting to the staging area, we got the breakdown of the race and off we went! It was a bit windy around turn 2 but the field stayed mostly together. After a lap or two, two young riders started to push the pace and I did my best to keep up and close any gaps that formed. With 7 laps to go, Phoebe jumped to front to keep with the ladies in the lead group and I followed close behind. Despite our previous advice, I decided to show myself what I was capable of and attacked to take a pull at the front. I held the front for about a lap and dropped back behind the two younger riders to sit in. With two laps to go we pushed the pace and after the 3rd turn of the final lap, two Action Wheels rider and our own Lauren pulled ahead to win spots at the podium. Lauren snagged the final spot on the podium at 5th place! I received 6th. Emily and Phoebe finished at 18th and 20th respectively.

This was an awesome race and the largest field I’ve competed with. What an incredible experience and I’m so excited to do this crit next year!


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