qvw women cycling
(All Photos by Gina Rogers Mooney)
Overall, we had 9 QCW women turnout throughout the series.  We had 4 new category 4 riders race for the first time and everyone did great!  I think this is very telling for how much the women’s team is growing, and I hope as the weather gets even nicer we will have even more women entering the races.
Participating in the series, in no particular order were:
  • Carren Stika, cat 3
  • Emily Costello, cat 4
  • Emily Singleton, cat 4
  • Lauren Buechner, cat 4
  • Maureen Gribb, cat 3
  • Melissa Hiller, cat 3
  • Melissa Tabas, cat 3
  • Sam Orskog, cat 4
  • Kristie Nichols James, cat 3
From Carren Stika: When the race coordinator asks the field before the race if they want a prime, and you say “Yes,” you feel obligated to go for it! And it pays off if you get it! Despite losing my ideal positioning in the final lap due to the crash, the highlight of the race for me was snatching the $20 prime with a bike throw! Woohoo!
Last race of the series: Emily Singleton did great in her first crit ever.  Unfortunately there was a crash before the last lap which took Maureen down (she is ok) and caused Carren to lose her positioning.  I was able to make a move on the back stretch to get in the front and I held it for the finish.  With the win, I was able to hold on to the lead for the series.
Congratulations to all the women who participated!  You all did great!
qcw cycling women qcw cycling women qcw cycling women qcw cycling women qcw cycling women
(Photos by Gina Rogers Mooney)

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