qcw cycling womenToday was my first (ever) criterion / road race experience (ever…did I say ever?)! The race itself was the second of the four “South Jersey Spring Series” events. There were over twenty-five ladies in my field. As an extremely amateur racer, my personal goals were as follow: 1. Don’t fall! 2. Master the cornering on the given course. 3. Stay consistent, whether by myself at the caboose end, or with the group if I was feeling comfortable. 4. Have fun (cliché, but true). I can say with 100 percent honesty that I accomplished everything that I set out to do today. It was great having the support of not only my teammates, but strangers as well. I definitely look forward to the rest of the road races this season, and will continue to set goals for myself for each race!

qcw cycling women

Photo Credits to Gina Rogers Mooney of Action Wheels Cycling. See the rest of the album here.


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